Structural Engineering Consulting

Structural Engineering Consulting

Over 10 years of experience in consulting and project management, from small projects in residential construction to large scale public infrastructure.

Engineering Services Include

  1. Design
  2. CAD drawings & specifications
  3. Inspections and reporting

Residential Structural Engineering

People who like their home and do not want to move out because their house is in a prime location or close to the city center or because they just like their house can opt for extending their house with either a vertical extension (adding a floor) or a horizontal extension (building on the side) adding to the footprint of the house.

In the house extension projects mentioned above, the city often asks for a structural engineer to be involved because it can be a technical challenge and there is responsibility and risk involved in the process. The structural engineer is there to supplement the work of the architect and to consult the contractor on the right materials to use, the type of connections and the right beams and columns to build. Furthermore, verifications have to be made to insure the existing structural frame and foundation are capable of taking on the extra weight of the building extension.

Removal of load bearing walls and other such internal modifications are also common in the residential sector. The trend now is to have big open spaces inside the home.

Commercial Structural Engineering

Owners of stores and commercial spaces sometimes have to make modifications to their floor layout, adding heavy objects such as machines and fridges. A structural engineer may have to be involved in this process in order to provide consultations to the architect and contractor on how to reinforce the existing structure or floor before adding the extra weight. Building modifications often present a significant technical challenge because sometimes it is unclear what the original building is composed of. The building can date back to the 1950’s and plans may not be available.

Industrial Structural Engineering

Manufacturers want to optimize their fabricated items and structural engineering input can be a good compliment to mechanical and industrial designers in some cases. Fabricated parts are often big and have to be analysed for strength and stability using up to date construction codes. Machine vibrations, wind forces and earthquakes have to be taken into account in the design so that all bases are covered before fabrication. Measure twice, cut once. Sometimes typical fabricated parts can be reviewed and optimized using the latest technology in terms of material grades, improvements to construction standards and new advances in computing.

Structural Engineering Consulting Montréal

If you are looking for a structural engineer or a structural engineering consultant, I invite you to contact me today. It will be my pleasure to answer your questions and provide an estimate for your project.

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