Joseph Khoury, P.Eng.
Project Manager

Civil engineer with expertise in structures.

I have been involved in projects in the following context :

Home owners who want to make significant structural modifications to their house. For example, removal of load bearing walls to open up space and/or the addition of floors.

Architects and engineers who require technical assistance for their projects such as opinions and verifications.

Owners of buildings who wish to modify their commercial or industrial building.

Structural Engineering

The following Engineering tasks will be executed in the most effective way possible in order to insure that your structure is built safe and sound for many years to come:

  • Coordination with the contractor and sub-contractors in order to find the best solution for the structural system.
  • Optimization of structural members for maximum efficiency while choosing the best materials and construction procedures.
  • Constructability of a structural system is considered in design by choosing the right materials and figuring out the planned geometry.
  • Consideration as to how the members will be connected


  • University of Montréal D.E.S.S. (speacialization) 2013
  • McGill University B. Eng. (civil) 2008
Courses taken and fields of interest: Finite element analysis and design with steel, concrete and wood. Earthquake engineering, stability of structures and foundations.

Work Experience

Over 10 years of experience in consulting and project management, from small projects in residential construction to large scale public infrastructure.

Member of the order of engineers of Quebec since 2011 (licence # 146896).

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